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Oct 9, 2012 2:00am EDT
spending but he also believed the government had a positive role to play. the interstate highway system, which eisenhower -- which was eisenhower's brainchild. [applause] more money was spent on the intraday -- interstate highway system than the new deal from 1839 to 18 to 41 with zero impact on the budget because it was paid for through gasoline taxes. [applause] thethe st. lawrence seaway connecting the great lakes, opening the great lakes to traffic again had been on the drawing board since the administration of theodore roosevelt and eisenhower -- eisenhower took, assumed the presidency in a time of mccarthyism and incredible communist witchhunt. he did it as he did so many things in the background. it was eisenhower orchestrated the army's response in the army mccarthy hearings. i'm not going to get into a contest but that stunk. and when it was over mccarthy had him vanquished but i think it was the desegregation issue perhaps in which eisenhower most often underestimated. president truman had ordered the army to be desegregated in 1950 but the that the army had not complied. 85%
Oct 9, 2012 6:00am EDT
and the democrats. how they essentially tried to bring the federal government's financial house to some kind of order. the answer is they failed. we have a federal government whose financial house is in total disorder, total disarray. it is a historic problem. to try to put it in english, we have a trillion dollars of iou outstanding in the world. the negotiations, they agreed to raise what they call the debt ceiling, so the government can borrow a couple more trillion dollars. we are going to run it run out of that borrowing authority january or february of next year. they're going to have to go back and authorized congress for more trillions of dollars of borrowing. the republicans and lots of people in congress don't want to authorize that. so there is going to be a bloody negotiation, unless they can work a deal. in a sense, this is a book about the past, but it's about the present. it is about where we are going and what the country's future is. if you think about it i would argue that the inability of the government to fix this borrowing debt deficit issue in the book, vice president b
Oct 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
in return is by and large good government. and we do find it. we have research and studies that have gone into that. there's also the question of corporate money which was pointed out, everybody but super pacs would be funded by corporate money. that is cloudy not the case. it's almost all individual money. albeit from very wealthy individuals. there's not a strong reason to think is mostly corporate money, especially not large corporate publicly traded corporations. what we have to ultimately is a couple of questions. there's one question, which is is a good or bad habits more open deregulate system where everybody can kind of play the game? the second question is the one kim keeps trying to drag us back to is how much of this do we need more disclosure of this because some of this activity is not disclosed? i will note that 501(c)(4) organizations have always been able to participate in politics and it never had to disclose their donors. i take, sort of my starting point, my perception of the government better have a darn good reason before source keeping a database in which it catalogs
Oct 11, 2012 6:00am EDT
government, economic freedom from individuals wanted billy. i don't want higher taxes but no more pledges. >> we have to stop it right there. each candidate will not give a one minute closing statement, and going in reverse order of the opening statements we start with jeff flake. >> thank you all. this been a great debate. the hallmark of this country has always been that the next generation will have a better than the previous generation. that's certainly the hallmark of arizona where the beauty of the sunset is only eclipsed by the splendor of the sunrise the next day. we've got to ensure that we have somebody who understands the proper role of the federal government, and is there to establish a tax and firm and a regulatory environment where businesses can flourish. but it doesn't do much more. right now we have a federal government that is far too large, $16 trillion of debt, $1.3 trillion deficit. we need somebody who will stand up and fight. i have that record in the house. that's the record i will take to the senate. that's what i would appreciate your vote, and thank you. >> our
Oct 10, 2012 7:30am EDT
, barack obama, that the government didn't have a damn thing to do with building their businesses. [cheers and applause] and dan did something, dan did something tonight that we want to recognize him for. dan filled five tables tonight with business leaders -- [cheers and applause] so, dan, we wanted to single you out for recognition. [applause] for all of your good works. and next up is the william f. buckley award for media excellence. the william f. buckley award for media excellence was launched, was founded with the blessings of william f. buckley himself in 2007. and the purpose is to honor once a year that individual who as a reporter has done the most to correctly cover the policies and politics of the conservative movement or as a commentator has best defended and promoted our vision in the face of relentless attacks from an increasingly dishonest left-wing media. that's a generous understatement. the winner every year is selected by the mrc board of trustees, and our first recipient was none other than rush limbaugh. a lot of people have heard of him. [applause] he was followed i
Oct 11, 2012 2:00am EDT
next question congressman boswell, the federal government facing a fiscal cliff with the automatic cuts to military and entitlements as a result of a good deal to raise the debt ceiling. will you vote and the lame duck session to give yourself more time? boswell: we will have to do that. . .acacacacacacaaac
Oct 10, 2012 2:00am EDT
congressional hearings, and there is a hearing tomorrow by the house oversight and government reform committee looking into the attack on the consulate in benghazi, libya. all of our events, like c-span, her long-form, devil-to-devil, without interruption or -- gavel-to-gavel, without interruption or commentary. host: has the mission of c-span radio grown in 15 years? guest: it has changed as technology has changed. when we first went on the air in 1997, suspend a radio was available on 90.1 fm here in washington, d.c., and shortly thereafter we became available on satellite radio. as the years went on, smartphones were invented, and those apps were invented. we are now available on the android phone, the iphone, and blackberry as well. host: nancy calo, c-acacacacacac
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7